Waterfall in the forest

At the End of the Rainbow

If you’re looking to spend some quality time in Gatlinburg's great outdoors, we recommend checking out Rainbow Falls Trail, and while there’s not a pot of gold at the end of it, there is a gorgeous waterfall and that’s almost as goo Read more

Woman in car reading a map

Best Route to Zoder's Inn

You may know that I-40 is the main route people use to get to Sevier County, Gatlinburg, and Smoky Mountain hotels. Read more

snow covered smokey mountains and rushing river

Summer In Full Swing

Summer vacations in Smoky Mountains hotels are in full swing and so you should get ready to sit in a bit of a traffic. Make sure you have audio books to listen to, snacks and water, too. It's a small price to pay in order to enjoy yourself in the Gatlinburg. Read more

watermelon slices

Taste of Summer

All over the nation, communities celebrate Taste of Summer Festivals. What is the taste of summer for you? Strawberries? Watermelon? A slice of cherry pie? A 4th of July picnic? Read more

smoky mountains

Summer Is Here

It's official: summer has arrived. Gatlinburg attractions beckon, so our streets are teeming with people. Some prefer to stay in Gatlinburg hotels on the strip. Others love staying at Zoders Inn, which is on the Parkway, but before you get to Light #3 and, as such, a bit tucked away from all the downtown bustle. Read more

Zoders Inn River with Rooms right on the banks overlooking the river

Gatlinburg Hotels on the River

When the summer heat reigns supreme, you need the coolness that comes from a mountain river. Gatlinburg hotels on the river welcome you to your perfect summer vacation spot. Read more