New Year 2017

A New Beginning

This year is drawing to a close and a new year dawns: 2017. A new year, a new beginning, a new adventure, a new vacation in Gatlinburg. Our community has pulled together through the national disaster at the end of November. Acquaintances have become Read more

View of Gatlinburg Town

We Are Gatlinburg Strong

Two weeks after the wildfire devastation in Gatlinburg, life is slowly getting back to normal. Cleaning and re-building have begun. The city welcomed back tourists last Friday. Read more

black bear in an open field

Gatlinburg Wildlife

Zoders Inn is one resort Gatlinburg offers which will not disappoint you. The Roaring Fork River runs through the property and bears, wild ducks, squirrels, raccoons and other wildlife treat the river as their home. Read more

Gatlinburg police

Gatlinburg Devastated by Wildfires

A fire started by a human on November 23 in the Chimney Tops 2 area of the Great Smoky Mountain National Park spread to the city limits of Gatlinburg by November 28 due to high winds and extremely dry conditions. More than 1,400 structures have been affected by fire, over 140 people have been treated for injuries, and 14 people lost their lives. Talk about the abomination of desolation. Read more

Wood Cabin with Christmas Lights in the snow

A Bright Gatlinburg Christmas

Decked with lights throughout the entire holiday season, Gatlinburg draws inspiration from its community of local artists. Read more

Babbling stream in the forest

Hotel Rates in Gatlinburg, TN

All hotels in Gatlinburg TN are not created equal. Some are older, some are newer. Some have extra amenities, others offer the barebone minimum one can expect in a hotel. Some have balconies overlooking a mountain creek, others have balconies overlooking the busy Parkway. There's something for everyone. Read more

Smoky Mountain landscape

Thanksgiving in Gatlinburg

Is there life after such a contentious, demoralizing election season? Yes, there is. Our Gatlinburg Tennessee news is that the mountains are still here, albeit drier and smokier than ever. The town is still here and the locals go to work every day, making vacations memorable for fellow Americans. Read more

Modern exterior of Sugarlands store

Gatlinburg Craft and Sugarland Sound

In the colorful months of fall, Gatlinburg simply crackles with life. Read more

Exterior of Zoder Inn, surrounded by trees

Hotels Near Gatlinburg

If you want a Gatlinburg Tennessee vacation, you could stay in hotels near Gatlinburg, not necessarily in the ones within the city limits. There are plenty of options either way and it depends where you come from and how you want to spend your time. Read more

Loving couple in fall forest setting

Book Your Valentine's Weekend Now

It's the end of October and most people have Thanksgiving and Christmas on their minds. Let's think past the holidays, past the New Year's fireworks, past dreadful January, its emotional letdown and credit card bills (did we really spend that much?). Read more

Couple enjoying themselves outside

Oh-La-La October Fun

The leaves are turning and it's beginning to look a lot like October in Gatlinburg. Read more

View of stream right beside on outdoor deck

Resorts in Gatlinburg Tennessee

Zoders Inn and Suites Gatlinburg Tennessee is one of the premier resorts Gatlinburg has to offer. Gatlinburg Tennessee resorts can be either hotels with lots of amenities or cabin resorts in Gatlinburg. Read more

Exterior of Ripleys with King Kong on the roof

The Haunted Hills of Tennessee

Ripley's haunted collection of the macabre, along with a ripping detective tale and candy carnival, test your Halloween curiosities during the month of October. Read more

The Smoky Mountains at twilight

Many Vacation Choices

One could plan a vacation in Gatlinburg TN in many different ways. For instance, if one is planning a honeymoon, one could choose from several romantic hotels in Gatlinburg TN. Read more

Exterior of Zoder Inn, surrounded by trees

Zoders Gatlinburg Reviews

Savvy travelers do not book their vacation in Gatlinburg anymore without checking out TripAdvisor or similar sites. On the whole, Zoders Gatlinburg reviews have been positive and, over the years, the hotel has received many certificates of excellence from TripAdvisor. Read more

Jack O' Lanterns

Pumpkins, Pumpkins, Pumpkins

Nice hotels in Gatlinburg TN have decorated for fall with lots and lots of pumpkins. You will also see corn stalks and hay bales and scarecrows, of course. The décor is so beautiful in all its glory all over downtown Gatlinburg, it reminds my mother, who grew up on a farm, of her childhood, when they picked corn by hand. Read more

Brass brewery tanks

Sugarlands' Sweet Sounds

Gatlinburg’s own Sugarlands Distilling Company, a distinguished producer of craft whiskey and moonshine, regularly hosts a slew of regional folk and bluegrass musicians. Read more

Fresh coffee being poured

September Morning

If there ever was a perfect moment in a Gatlinburg TN hotel, it would happen on a September morning, as you wake up refreshed from a good night's sleep and head over to where they serve a hot breakfast. Read more

Boy and his father watching a parade

Labor Day

You are so lucky if you find yourself in Gatlinburg during the Labor Day weekend. You have worked hard and not you play hard. Or hardly playing. Taking it easy by the mountain stream at Zoders Inn Gatlinburg TN counts very much towards rest and relaxation. Read more

Autumn leaves on trees

Gatlinburg TN Vacations

Gatlinburg TN Vacations do not end in August. Tourists still come this way in September, though it is a slower month. Read more

Zoders Inn River with Rooms right on the banks overlooking the river

Gatlinburg Hotels on the River

If you like the soothing sound of a rushing mountain stream, you should look into booking a room or a suite in one of the Gatlinburg hotels on the river.   Read more

Car driving along a winding forest road

Gatlinburg Vacations

Gatlinburg vacations are all about making memories with your family and friends. At the end of the day, a successful life boils down to relationships and memories of good times with your people. Read more

assorted vegetables at farmers market

A Smoky Mountains Lifestyle

There’s nothing quite like breathing in the crisp and cool, high-altitude air. Read more

View of stream right beside on outdoor deck

Vacation Season Winding Down

Gatlinburg vacation season is winding down, as different school districts start another year of learning. It is still very hot, so as one walks by Smoky Mountains hotels with pools, one can spot lots of water fun. Every hotel Gatlinburg TN has will not offer a pool. As you compare prices, you have to keep that in mind. They may be asking $20 more per night, but look at all the things you get for that price. Read more

Festival goers under a string of lights on a lawn

August for Gospel and Bluegrass

A summertime tradition rolls again into the beautiful mountain town of Gatlinburg in Tennessee. Read more

View of Gatlinburg Town

Pick Your Dates Carefully

Tourists come to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park every year for some much needed R & R. Gatlinburg Tennessee attractions do not disappoint. One can lose himself in a mirror maze or the Guinness Book of World Records museum. Ripley's Aquarium immerses you in the relaxing atmosphere of aquatic creatures. Read more

Boy and his father watching a parade

A Gatlinburg First

When the Fourth of July festivities crop up once again in Tennessee, you'll want a spot downtown. Zoder’s Inn & Suites is perfectly located to give families first-rate access to this most cherished of holiday spectacles, the street parade. Read more

Exterior of Zoder Inn, surrounded by trees

Gatlinburg Resorts

Many people prefer to stay in a log cabin. After all, that's why they come to the mountains: to see all those logs and not a square inch of drywall. Read more

Stop sign

Obey STOP Signs Or Pay

When you drive through Gatlinburg, you should pay attention to the STOP signs. You should pay attention to stop signs anywhere you drive, for that matter. But in our tourist town, we have seen way too many tourists ignore STOP signs, especially on the secondary roads of our city.  Read more

Forest path

Things To Do In Gatlinburg

Now and then tourists come to Gatlinburg completely clueless about hiking in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park Read more

Three pairs of flip flops beside a pool

The Dog Days of Summer

“Summertime and the living is easy,” goes the song. Maybe for tourists. Hotels in Gatlinburg TN are teeming with tourists and hotel staff work hard every day to keep everybody happy and safe Read more

Bridge connecting buildings at Zoder Inn over a stream

Gatlinburg Hotels TN

Hotels at Gatlinburg TN come in different shapes and sizes. There's a hotel room for everyone and for every budget Read more

Smoky Mountain Landscape at Sunrise

Location, Location, Location

Gatlinburg in Tennessee is a small town with big city traffic. They say they built this city not on rock-n-roll, but on arts and crafts Read more

view of Gatlinburg town

Tunes and Tales Has Begun

Every summer, the sidewalks of downtown Gatlinburg receive an infusion of song, story telling, and even clogging from local artists carefully selected by the Chamber of Commerce Read more

Family of four riding bikes down a country lane

Vacation in Gatlinburg Tennessee

Now that most schools are on summer break, we all look forward to a vacation in Gatlinburg Tennessee. Read more

Cascading stream in a lush forest

Zoder's Gatlinburg Reviews

Zoder's Gatlinburg Reviews Read more

Couple cycling in the countryside

The Month of May I Have A Gatlinburg Vacation Please?

The month of May is here with its flowers and graduations and weddings and tears and joys and the satisfaction of a job taken to completion. It is also the month of Star Wars. They don't say “May the Fourth be with you” for nothing. Read more

Rainbow over the Smoky Mountains

Chasing Rainbows Museum

Country music and Dolly Parton always come to mind when you think of the great state of Tennessee. If you want to take your love of country to the next level, then visit Dollywood, a theme park owned by country singer Dolly Parton.  Read more

Exterior of Zoder Inn hotel

New Hotels in Gatlinburg

If you are planning your next Gatlinburg Tennessee vacation, you have a choice between new hotels, vintage ones, and everything in between. Read more

Rain on an umbrella

April Showers

So it is April and sure enough, the rain has arrived. With so many indoor attractions, Gatlinburg still remains a great holiday destination or weekend getaway in April. Gatlinburg TN vacations are sure to thrill anybody who comes here to relax and recharge.  Hotels near Gatlinburg and hotels in Gatlinburg alike will be very pleased to welcome you and show you the quickest routes to your restaurant of choice in order to avoid the rain. Read more

Freshly made cornbread

Can't Get Enough Cornbread

The Appalachian area is known for many things, the beautiful landscape, the moonshine, and definitely the down-home, delicious food. On May 12th, visitors can come celebrate it at the Gatlinburg Beans and Cornbread Festival. The festival, located in downtown Gatlinburg, right around the corner from Zoder’s Inn, will feature a beans and cornbread cook-off, foot-stomping folk and bluegrass music in the form of live bands, games and activities, and antique engines on display, showcasing the old way of doing things in the mountains. Read more

Spring flowers in a rustic metal cup on a window sill

Where Is Spring?

That groundhog in Pennsylvania is something else. Did he say early spring or was he just confused? Where is the heat? If you are spending your spring break in one of the many Gatlinburg cabin resorts or hotels near Smoky Mountains, you know temperatures have gone from 51F to – well – not much higher than that.  We were told two weeks ago that it was the last week of a cold front. Then, spring would start. It didn't. Hmmm… The weather man is wrong. Again. Read more

Colored eggs nestled on tulips

Happy Easter!

Hotels in Smoky Mountains are decorated for Easter. Bunnies, eggs, chocolate and candy abound. My daughter, who is 6, saw a basket with a beautiful stuffed bunny in the lobby of a Gatlinburg hotel and asked me if it was something to win.  Read more

Car driving along a winding forest road

How To Avoid Traffic

A lot of people who have been to the Smokies know that Gatlinburg is a small town with big city traffic. So how do you avoid it? You stay home. Well, you say, I don't want to stay home.   Read more

Friends on a snow sled

Get It While It Is Cold

The snow will not be with us that much longer, folks, not even the artificial one produced at Ober Gatlinburg. If you want to get some skiing done before spring makes a triumphal comeback, come and get it while it is cold. Any Gatlinburg resort you check into will have information on the temperature at Ober as well as their slope report. You can also check all that on their website, naturally. Zoders Inn Gatlinburg TN has always stayed opened through the winter season. Forty years ago, for those who do not know, many Gatlinburg hotel owners shut down and went to Florida for the cold season. Not so much the Zoders. This hotel has always stayed open through winter to receive those who loved to make memories of winter in the mountains. Read more

Glass of white wine perched on a wine barrel in a vineyard

Winning Winery

The Smokies may have a reputation for their moonshine, but you might not know they’ve got their share of amazing wine as well! Located just a half mile from our Gatlinburg hotel is Tennessee Homemade Wines, a small winery that’s off the beaten path and one of Gatlinburg’s best-kept secrets, though with the strong following they’re already accruing among locals and visitors alike, it probably won’t be secret for much longer. In their tasting room, which is open seven days a week, visitors can try a sampler of the wines, including their popular concord grape and especially unique blueberry wine. Tennessee Homemade Wines’s helpful and friendly staff will guide you on your tasting journey, and if you like what you try, you can buy a bottle or two to take back with you to comfort of you room at Zoder’s Inn.  Address: 643 Parkway, Gatlinburg Read more

Forest path

Good for the Environment

Coming to the Smokies for a weekend or a vacation in Gatlinburg is good for the environment. “How's that?” you wonder. There's no telling what you will be inspired to do as you get in touch with nature through a hike in the National Park or by rocking on your balcony overlooking the Roaring Fork River at Zoder Inn. You might want to start recycling your plastic containers or bike to work if feasible on sunny days or plant a tree or volunteer at your local nature center. All we ask is that you give yourself a chance to get close to nature for a few days in Gatlinburg. The rest will come as the seed of environmentalism grows inside of you and bears fruit. Oh, and on your next visit to a Gatlinburg TN hotel, put the used towels on the rack to dry and re-use them the next day, just like you do at home. It saves electricity, water, and detergent and makes for a more sustainable hotel environment. Read more

Young couple hiking in the forest

Souvenirs of the Heart

On my way home, I drive by Gatlinburg Falls resort. Pretty soon, I will probably see their landscaping crew planting pansies and other flowers. It's beginning to look a lot like spring. We have had a mild winter and I am not complaining. Smoky Mountains hotels are also waking up from the slumber of winter maintenance projects and gathering their landscaping crews together to plan this year's curb appeal. It is not March yet, but we all know it is coming. Reservations have been pouring in at Zoders Inn & Suites and we look forward to giving wonderful memories to our guests. Gatlinburg vacations are souvenirs of the heart.   Read more

A field of flowers

Looking Forward to Spring

With this new cold spell, we look forward to spring even more. What was Groundhog Phil talking about when he said “early spring?” Can we trust the little fellow anymore? Gatlinburg just had -5F and freezing rain and sleet on Valentine's Day. Talk about a day for snuggles and cuddles. Anyhow, if you are after a hotel in Gatlinburg TN for your spring break, we would like to invite you to check out our different rooms and suites. We offer free continental breakfast, an indoor pool, hot tub, and a manager's reception in the evening, which consists of wine and cheese. Later on, you can get some milk and cookies as well, all on the house. It is all happening at Zoder's Inn and Suites, year round.   Read more

Chinese lanterns

Chinese New Year

Whether you call it Lunar New Year or Chinese New Year, its first day is here – February 8. It's the Year of the Monkey. And how can you not be about some monkey business in the Year of the Monkey? Hopefully it will be the playful kind of monkey business, like taking a trip to the Smokies for hiking and indulging in pancakes at the Pancake Pantry, not of the hurtful or dangerous kind like, well, you can think of something along those lines. Gatlinburg resorts and Gatlinburg hotels on the strip are open year round. In fact, during winter time, some will lower their prices, so it has never been better to head to the Smokies. If you prefer to hear the soothing white noise of a mountain stream, you can choose from a number of Gatlinburg hotels on the river. Read more

Loving young couple outside

Romantic Hotels

With Valentine's Day coming up, many are looking for romantic hotels in Gatlinburg TN. All hotels in Gatlinburg TN are romantic, some might argue. Just being here is a romantic experience, if you allow the National Park to speak to your senses and help you fall in love again with nature, life, and your significant other. And yet other tourists might be looking for cabin resorts in Gatlinburg. For some, being in a log cabin in front of a fireplace spells romance. To each his own. We know people who do not want to see drywall during their vacation in the mountain and then we know others who love a hotel room because it comes with breakfast and other amenities not found in a cabin. Either way, we would like to remind you that Valentine's is only two weeks away. Experiences and memories are better gifts than things you eat or hang on yourself. Just sayin'. Read more

Old manor house with a mirage of two ghosts at the entrance

A Screaming Good Time!

Halloween may be a long way off, but thrill-seeking visitors looking for a fright can head to the Mysterious Mansion, Gatlinburg’s oldest haunted house, which delivers spooks and scares all year round. Located less than five minutes from our Gatlinburg hotel, what makes this haunted house unique is that it is self-guided, visitors are brought to a room and left there to find their own way out of the house, navigating several terrifying rooms and even a few secret passages! They also employ many talented actors dedicated to scaring people out of their wits as they try to find the way out. The Mysterious Mansion is in the top ten activities to do in Gatlinburg and has a Certificate of Excellence from TripAdvisor, so if you’ve got nerves of steel, check it out, and when you’re done, your (ghost-free!) room at Zoder’s Inn will be waiting for you. Address: 424 River Road, Gatlinburg Read more

Smoky mountain scene

Zoders Inn Expansion

Zoder's Inn Gatlinburg is expanding. Recently, we purchased some of the lots in the back of the property – past the red gate. Construction crews have been busy putting in an additional parking lot, a cement slab for a future pavilion, a new fence, and landscaping. Please excuse our development as we work hard to improve the quality and variety of our services. Our guests' comfort and safety is our number 1 priority at Zoders Inn and Suites. We are already getting feedback from our guests who are very happy with the additional parking spaces. Also, the new black fence strikes everybody as elegant. We strive to continue to be on the list of nice hotels in Gatlinburg. Read more

Skiers head along a snow path

Skiing At Ober Gatlinburg

A Gatlinburg vacation in the winter time is not complete without stopping by Ober Gatlinburg. You can take the tramway or drive up there. They offer ski slopes and skiing lessons, tubing, skating, and snowboarding. If you wanted to, you could take snowboarding lessons, as well. There are so many Gatlinburg Tennessee attractions, of course. But Ober Gatlinburg is the only ski resort in Tennessee and it offers that difficult terrain which prepares one very well for skiing out west. According to one ski instructor, it's “Southern skiing.” The slopes out west can actually spoil you. If you can make it here, on the slopes of Ober Gatlinburg, you can make it anywhere, to borrow from a famous song. Most Smoky Mountain hotels will offer the daily slope report from Ober, in addition to general tips on parking, gear rental, and eating out at Ober. Read more

Zoders Inn Exterior

Things To Do In Gatlinburg

One has so many things to do in Gatlinburg: hiking in the National Park, dining in restaurants that have become an institution, like Cherokee Grill and The Trout House, visiting the Aquarium, meditating in a museum dedicated to the life and ministry of Jesus Christ (Christ in the Smokies Museum and Gardens), riding the Sky Lift, ice skating, skiing, or snow tubing at Ober Gatlinburg, playing mini-golf at Davy Crockett's course (light #1), admiring arts and crafts at Arrowmont and in the Glades Community, the list could go on and on. Of course, your visit to Gatlinburg would not be complete without a stop at the Pancake Pantry or the Donut Friar (in The Village complex downtown). Since there are so many things to do in Gatlinburg, we would recommend you keep coming back. In all the hotels Gatlinburg TN offers, there's got to be a room just for you, calling your name. All you have to do is make a plan. Read more