Colored eggs nestled on tulips

Happy Easter!

Hotels in Smoky Mountains are decorated for Easter. Bunnies, eggs, chocolate and candy abound. My daughter, who is 6, saw a basket with a beautiful stuffed bunny in the lobby of a Gatlinburg hotel and asked me if it was something to win.  Read more

Car driving along a winding forest road

How To Avoid Traffic

A lot of people who have been to the Smokies know that Gatlinburg is a small town with big city traffic. So how do you avoid it? You stay home. Well, you say, I don't want to stay home.   Read more

Friends on a snow sled

Get It While It Is Cold

The snow will not be with us that much longer, folks, not even the artificial one produced at Ober Gatlinburg. If you want to get some skiing done before spring makes a triumphal comeback, come and get it while it is cold. Any Gatlinburg resort you check into will have information on the temperature at Ober as well as their slope report. You can also check all that on their website, naturally. Zoders Inn Gatlinburg TN has always stayed opened through the winter season. Forty years ago, for those who do not know, many Gatlinburg hotel owners shut down and went to Florida for the cold season. Not so much the Zoders. This hotel has always stayed open through winter to receive those who loved to make memories of winter in the mountains. Read more

Glass of white wine perched on a wine barrel in a vineyard

Winning Winery

The Smokies may have a reputation for their moonshine, but you might not know they’ve got their share of amazing wine as well! Located just a half mile from our Gatlinburg hotel is Tennessee Homemade Wines, a small winery that’s off the beaten path and one of Gatlinburg’s best-kept secrets, though with the strong following they’re already accruing among locals and visitors alike, it probably won’t be secret for much longer. In their tasting room, which is open seven days a week, visitors can try a sampler of the wines, including their popular concord grape and especially unique blueberry wine. Tennessee Homemade Wines’s helpful and friendly staff will guide you on your tasting journey, and if you like what you try, you can buy a bottle or two to take back with you to comfort of you room at Zoder’s Inn.  Address: 643 Parkway, Gatlinburg Read more

Forest path

Good for the Environment

Coming to the Smokies for a weekend or a vacation in Gatlinburg is good for the environment. “How's that?” you wonder. There's no telling what you will be inspired to do as you get in touch with nature through a hike in the National Park or by rocking on your balcony overlooking the Roaring Fork River at Zoder Inn. You might want to start recycling your plastic containers or bike to work if feasible on sunny days or plant a tree or volunteer at your local nature center. All we ask is that you give yourself a chance to get close to nature for a few days in Gatlinburg. The rest will come as the seed of environmentalism grows inside of you and bears fruit. Oh, and on your next visit to a Gatlinburg TN hotel, put the used towels on the rack to dry and re-use them the next day, just like you do at home. It saves electricity, water, and detergent and makes for a more sustainable hotel environment. Read more