Boy and his father watching a parade

A Gatlinburg First

When the Fourth of July festivities crop up once again in Tennessee, you'll want a spot downtown. Zoder’s Inn & Suites is perfectly located to give families first-rate access to this most cherished of holiday spectacles, the street parade. Read more

Exterior of Zoder Inn, surrounded by trees

Gatlinburg Resorts

Many people prefer to stay in a log cabin. After all, that's why they come to the mountains: to see all those logs and not a square inch of drywall. Read more

Stop sign

Obey STOP Signs Or Pay

When you drive through Gatlinburg, you should pay attention to the STOP signs. You should pay attention to stop signs anywhere you drive, for that matter. But in our tourist town, we have seen way too many tourists ignore STOP signs, especially on the secondary roads of our city.  Read more

Forest path

Things To Do In Gatlinburg

Now and then tourists come to Gatlinburg completely clueless about hiking in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park Read more

Three pairs of flip flops beside a pool

The Dog Days of Summer

“Summertime and the living is easy,” goes the song. Maybe for tourists. Hotels in Gatlinburg TN are teeming with tourists and hotel staff work hard every day to keep everybody happy and safe Read more