5 FAQ About Gatlinburg

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1. First things first: what is in Gatlinburg, Tennessee?

About 5,000 locals and 80,000 tourists on any given night. The Great Smoky Mountains National Park lies on either side of Gatlinburg. Lots of shopping and fun attractions. Skiing, tubing, ice skating, almost year round. White water rafting, hiking, swimming.

2. People sometimes wonder where is Gatlinburg in Tennessee.

When you look at the map of Tennessee, Gatlinburg is on the right, almost on the border with North Carolina. In other words, Gatlinburg is in East Tennessee.

3. Can you help me find hotels around Gatlinburg TN?

See the next answer, please.

4. What hotel rates in Gatlinburg TN can I expect?

It depends on your budget, of course. But we have a great tip for you. Use third-party websites like Orbitz, Expedia and Hotwire to locate hotels at your destination. Whatever you do, don't book through these third-party websites. Instead, contact the hotel directly on their website or on the phone. You will always find better prices if you deal with the hotel directly.