A Gatlinburg Vacation

bird on ledge in snow

Do you watch the New Year’s concert from Vienna every January 1st? We try to although we do not always manage to do so. Julie Andrews usually hosts this beautiful concert from Austria. She hints at different scenes from The Sound of Music here and there. When I first came to Gatlinburg, I certainly thought that some parts of it reminded me of Austria and Switzerland.

The mountains are alive with the sound of music, if you know how to listen. On many trails in the National Park, you will hear a brook singing softly or roaring, depending on the terrain. There are birds chirping even now in the winter. If the temperatures stay mild as they have, around 55 F – 65 F, some insects will be buzzing, too.

A Gatlinburg vacation offers all the conveniences of the American economy with all the charm of the old world. Skip the jetlag and the airport layovers by driving to Gatlinburg instead of flying to Europe.

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