An Affordable Gatlinburg Getaway

Hotel rates in Gatlinburg TN usually stay around the affordable range, especially if you are simply looking for a basic room and a continental breakfast. At Zoder’s, you also have access to an indoor pool, exercise room, racquetball courts and many other features. Even if you stay in a basic room, all these extras come with it. We believe everybody deserves a vacation worth its name.

The newest resort in Gatlinburg is Margaritaville, only a block away from Zoder’s Inn. You might want to try their spa services even if you stay at a different hotel. Or you might want to attend a show at the Sweet Fanny Adams Theater, located on the main Parkway, about 50 yards from Zoder’s. Across the street, at Carousel Mall, you can find different shops and even a barber shop and an exercise room – for all those rainy vacation days when you just need to move your muscles.

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