April Showers

Rain on an umbrella
So it is April and sure enough, the rain has arrived. With so many indoor attractions, Gatlinburg still remains a great holiday destination or weekend getaway in April. Gatlinburg TN vacations are sure to thrill anybody who comes here to relax and recharge.
Hotels near Gatlinburg and hotels in Gatlinburg alike will be very pleased to welcome you and show you the quickest routes to your restaurant of choice in order to avoid the rain.
However, we would like to remind you what they say in Scandinavia: there is no such thing as bad weather. Just bad clothing. Invest in a pair of rain boots that make you happy and a poncho, umbrella or rain jacket that make a fashion statement, and empower yourself to go out and visit our boutiques downtown anyway.
As always, Zoders encourages everybody to enjoy life to the fullest and not let anything interfere with a wonderful vacation experience.

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