Ask for Vacation Packages

Some people prefer Gatlinburg vacation packages because they save money, time and hassle. No more time spent planning and pouring over maps of the city with all its attractions. No more guesswork if you are hitting the most important attractions of this mountain resort.

Anytime you book a room or a cabin, you should ask if they offer vacation packages. For instance, Gatlinburg Falls Resort is a cabin development within the city limits. At light #1, you take the Dudley Creek Bypass and you can find both phase 1 and phase 2 of this resort tucked away along the road.

You are still close to a grocery store (Food City on Hwy 321) and a post office (just across the street from Food City) but you are in a log cabin in the mountains, 10 minutes away from the National Park – Greenbrier area.

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