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Auld Lang Syne

Our son is learning to play Auld Lang Syne on the piano. He said it was easier than it looked. The same is true about the spelling, don’t you think? This Old English spelling can challenge you. Have you had a good year? Has it been a fast one? Personally, I do not know where 2018 has gone. I have never had a year go by as fast as this one.

This confirms what older people have told me, that life gets faster and faster and faster as the years go by. I do not mean to get all philosophical on you, but if not now, when? A new year, a new rotation around the sun, a new chance to put some goals on paper and reach for new possibilities. Even if your goal is to not have goals anymore, which is totally cool and en vogue these days, you still should consider putting that on paper. Studies show we have a better chance at accomplishing written goals than spoken ones.

Thousands of people spend New Year’s Eve in Gatlinburg. After watching the ball drop from the Space Needle, they head back to their hotels in Gatlinburg TN for a cup of hot cocoa and a good rest into the New Year, 2019. Happy New Year!

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