Create Valentine’s Day Memories

We are one month away from Valentine's Day. It's time to look up romantic hotels Gatlinburg TN has to offer. Bonbons get eaten, jewelry gets lost or damage, scarves get torn over time. What remains with us are memories of precious time spent with the people we love. For instance, sharing an eclair together at the Donut Friar. It would be a nutritional sin to eat one by yourself. Have you seen how big these eclairs are?
How about making a fool of yourself trying to skate at Ober Gatlinburg? The only thing sillier than that would be to take snowboarding lessons. Film each other's lessons for posterity while you are at it. Your children will thank you for the footage one day. 
Last but not least, take a hike in the winter wonderland of the National Park. If you stay in one of the hotels River Road Gatlinburg TN boasts, you will be a short walk from the Gatlinburg trail, which is very accessible to even the most reluctant hiker. As long as you wear appropriate clothing and shoes, you will have nothing to fear. The bears are all asleep. 

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