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Drive Safely

fall foliage leaves along road

The other day, at Light #1 in Gatlinburg, I had to stop as the light turned red. There were cars coming from the other direction and my intention was to turn left to use the Dudley Creek Bypass. Tourists on their way to Gatlinburg Falls Resort know this road. Locals use it as a shortcut towards Highway 321.

This lady behind me shook her head and clearly said something disapproving of my slowing down on a yellow light. Sorry, but I will not rush to turn left on a yellow light with oncoming traffic speeding towards me. No matter how angry you get.

One of the most visited towns in the United States, Gatlinburg has its fair share of traffic incidents. When you all come to visit, keep your wits about you and drive safely. Plan for extra time and plan your meals so you do not get hangry in traffic.

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