Fall At The National Park

Is there anything more glorious than fall foliage in the Smokies? We should be ever so thankful for national parks and forests. Recently, we attended an insect festival. There we found out that some tree species will disappear completely from North America in the next 5-15 years, due to pest insects.

It is sad, but true. Many insects have arrived here from Asia on freight and now they are decimating certain trees in the US and Canada.

We also found out that all the trees in the Smokies, especially the older ones, have been treated against bad insects. Otherwise, there would be no trees. So good to know we have entomologists at work to protect our woods.

By coming to Gatlinburg and visiting the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, you help nature continue to thrive. If you still do not know where is Gatlinburg in Tennessee, we are located one hour east of Knoxville on I-40.

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