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Find Your Gatlinburg Souvenir

View of Gatlinburg town

Growing up in Romania, we celebrated March 1 by exchanging “mǎrţișoare” - these small brooches tied with red and white ribbons. As an ancient tradition we inherited from our invaders, the Roman Empire, it survived over the centuries as a ritual to celebrate spring.

The brooches were shaped like flowers, butterflies, ladybugs, and any other reminders that spring has arrived. They still celebrate that today and my Romanian friends and relatives send me virtual “mǎrţișoare,” which I think is lovely.

Gatlinburg Tennessee attractions do not include souvenir shops with some such brooches, but there are plenty of Tennessee souvenirs in town. Recently opened on Glades Road, this shop called Lil’ Bit of Gatlinburg, for instance, will help you take home something that will remind you of your vacation.

Many shops surround Gatlinburg hotels on the strip. Take a stroll from light #3 through light #10 and you will see a variety of lovely offerings.

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