Flowers Line the Streets of Gatlinburg

April showers bring May flowers. Indeed. We are surrounded by thousands of blooming flowers - in the National Park and all over town. Some of my friends came to visit from Europe a few years ago and loved all the flower pots downtown Gatlinburg. They asked me if we were celebrating something special. "Your arrival," I Joked. 

Then I explained that Gatlinburg always decorates with lots of flower arrangements, except in winter. We must also add that the city, despite all the foot traffic from millions of tourists, stays spotless - proof positive that our leaders believe in keeping the streets clean and inviting. We love our tourists and want to give them the best experience. 

Every year, a resort in Gatlinburg receives a prize for best décor. It is a pity that only one first prize can be awarded because many resorts look amazing. 

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