Gatlinburg Trail

Hiking in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park is free, so it cannot be part of Gatlinburg vacation packages. As such, we strongly encourage you to make hiking part of your list of things to do in Gatlinburg. It is hard to conceive that people still arrive for a vacation in Gatlinburg TN but plan on doing no hiking at all. Sure, hanging out at a hotel in Gatlinburg TN is relaxing enough. However, we would like to propose that hiking and being in nature can be just as relaxing, plus your heart and muscles will thank you afterwards. The only hiking trail in the Smokies where dogs are allowed is the Gatlinburg Trail. It is a fairly easy trail and you don't feel too far from civilization in places where you can hear the traffic from the main roads. The trail head is at light #10 in Gatlinburg. You can also pick this trail up from Sugarlands Visitor Center, as you pass by the solar pannels behind the store. This trail is also flat enough overall to allow for bikes, even those ridden by small children. The terrain does get rather hilly in places, so you may want to hold onto your children's bikes when they go downhill. Helmets are mandatory by law in Tennessee. Happy trails!

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