Gear Up For Some Summer Rain

For your end-of-summer vacation, Gatlinburg TN may surprise you with an occasional shower. Just pack an umbrella in your tote bag, or purchase an inexpensive poncho from one of our many boutiques. We welcome rainy days because vegetation needs the rain. When I lived in Sweden, I learned the expression, “There is no bad weather, just bad clothing.” In other words, rain gear will liberate you to experience the outdoors a lot longer than most people.

Have you noticed how soft 21st century Americans have become? As soon as it is 65F and rainy, they complain about the weather and do not go anywhere. Many do not vote if elections happen to fall on a rainy day. No judgment here, but you can turn it around in your mind. See rainy days as opportunities to show off your cute rain boots and jacket.

Rain gear can be chic and a pleasure to wear. Besides, it may give you an edge over everybody else who is hunkering down in their cabin or their Smoky Mountain hotel room, afraid of a few drops on their faces. aNow you can walk around downtown Gatlinburg and enjoy it all with less people traffic.

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