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Happy New Year 2020!

Two champagne flutes and ribbons

For those of us born before the year 2000, it feels surreal to think about 2020. But here we are, saddling up to another year – a leap year at that. Before you launch into a list of new year’s resolutions, you could just take a moment and write down a list of blessings. The word blessing may be confusing to some. A blessing is something or somebody in your life that makes you happy, content, secure, confident, and joyful.

In fact, this could be one of your new year’s resolutions: every day, before you jump out of bed and start your day, think of three things or people in your life that are positive. It does not have to be something you own. Think experiences. If you have ever visited Gatlinburg, you know you are thankful for Gatlinburg attractions, where you made some wonderful memories with your loved ones. Good memories are worth more than gold. Visualize yourself back in Gatlinburg and you just might find yourself here soon.

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