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Happy Valentine’s Day - 2020

cute couple smiling nose to nose

Zoders Inn and Suites Gatlinburg is located on a stream called the Roaring Fork River. Our balconies overlook the rushing mountain stream, allowing for great relaxation in the white noise. For your Valentine’s Day celebrations, may we suggest the Smokies?

When we visited Florida last summer, we talked to a couple of people about living in the mountains. Those of us living in the mountains go to the beach for a vacation. The people who live by the beach all year long come to the mountains for their time off.

I said, “When we get tired of the mountains, we come to the beach.” One of the Floridians asked wistfully, “Does one ever get tired of the mountains?” He had a point. We do not actually “get tired” of living in the mountains. We just need a change of pace, a change of scenery.

Whether your relationship just started or it has been blessing your soul for decades, hiking in the Smokies will give you great couple time. Hotels in Gatlinburg are decorated beautifully for this holiday.

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