Vacations in Gatlinburg TN must include hiking in the National Park. It's the first reason why Gatlinburg became a tourist attraction – for the beauty of the mountains. During the summer season, when the air is hot and stifling, once you get on a trail and start hiking, you can feel a difference. The shade of the trees keeps the air cooler, though the humidity is still high. There's no way around humidity in the South.

If you bring a small backpack with water bottles and snacks, a small First Aid kit and other essentials, you should feel better about the entire experience. The best trail we have found for hiking and biking is the Gatlinburg Trail – not too tough for beginners and long enough to challenge an avid hiker. The river gives it an added flair.

The November fire has not shut down this city or the National Park. New hotels in Gatlinburg TN are being built. Lots of investors believe this city will continue to thrive as a tourist destination.

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