Hotel Rates in Gatlinburg, TN

Babbling stream in the forest

All hotels in Gatlinburg TN are not created equal. Some are older, some are newer. Some have extra amenities, others offer the barebone minimum one can expect in a hotel. Some have balconies overlooking a mountain creek, others have balconies overlooking the busy Parkway. There's something for everyone.

Of course, hotel rates in Gatlinburg TN reflect the differences mentioned above. Zoders Inn & Suites Gatlinburg offers balconies overlooking the Roaring Fork River and the peaceful setting attracts repeat guests month after month. We know most people enjoy the sounds of a rushing mountain stream and so most people are satisfied with our proximity to the river.

However, we have had requests to “turn off the river” and no, we cannot do that. We are not Disneyland – the river is all natural and not man made. Believe it or not, we do not have a switch to turn it off. But we invite you to sit on your balcony and admire the ducks, squirrels and fish that call it their home.