Hotels Near Gatlinburg

If you want a Gatlinburg Tennessee vacation, you could stay in hotels near Gatlinburg, not necessarily in the ones within the city limits. There are plenty of options either way and it depends where you come from and how you want to spend your time. Traffic can be an issue and sometimes it's better to be within walking distance of attractions than to spend an hour or so just trying to get into the city and finding a parking lot.

Zoder's Inn and Suites Gatlinburg has the advantage of lying within the city limits, between lights #2 and #3, while giving you the serenity of 5+ woodsy acres. No doubt, the beauty of our scenery has contributed to the number of return guests we have had over the years, in addition to the close proximity to the downtown area, which is a five-minute walk.

Walking is a good thing for your body and your mind. Gatlinburg has all these sidewalks which make for pleasant walks from one attraction to the next, from one souvenir shop to the next. Better than sitting in traffic, don't you think?


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