Hotels Near Gatlinburg TN

Hotels near Gatlinburg TN seem to be just as busy as hotels in Gatlinburg. Many travelers prefer to drive in for the day, enjoy the attractions or the National Park trails, and then retreat to a hotel just outside the city. Price, location, and amenities play a role. Every vacation is different, every family has a different budget.

The same goes for the months outside the typical “vacation months.” As August rolls around, tourists find that a vacation in Gatlinburg becomes even more attractive. Less traffic, shorter waiting times in restaurants, smaller lines at attractions – all spell a less hectic vacation. Who doesn't want that?

By the way, for the most up-to-date Gatlinburg Tennessee news, you can visit the website of the local newspaper, The Mountain Press. With all the online resources today, we forget that newspapers still exist and do a great job of reporting about local happenings and deals.

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