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Jingle All The Way

Gifts under a decorated Christmas tree near a cosy fireplace

Jingle bells, jingle bells. If you do not hear bells ringing by now, something must be wrong. No matter what kind of Christmas you celebrate (secular or religious), we hope you experience peace, joy, and love now and every day.

Life is short. Magical Gatlinburg vacations await. Put troubles and worries behind you, as Sinatra sings, and choose to hope for a better tomorrow. You do not have problems that cannot be solved. It’s a new day and pretty soon it’s going to be 2020. Not just any new year. Perfect vision 20-20 kind of year.

Twenty years after the Y2K scare, humanity is still here, innovating, learning to communicate with each other, and preparing to visit other planets. Move forward in the hope of a better future. Merry Christmas!

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