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Labor Day, Hurricane Week

Exterior of rooms

With Hurricane Dorian headed for the US, many Floridians have made their way to Gatlinburg. After a busy Labor Day weekend, new hotels in Gatlinburg do not get a rest. Neither do older hotels. Gatlinburg hotels now house the evacuees from Dorian’s path.

We feel for all people who have to leave their houses and pets behind and get out of nature’s path in a natural disaster. Nobody in Gatlinburg will forget the night we had to leave because of the wildfires of 2016. Therefore, we want to extend our hospitality to Floridians and other Southerners who had to leave their homes due to Dorian. Some hotels, likes Zoder’s Inn, will offer a discount.

As they always say, property can be replaced, but human lives cannot. Stay safe, get out of the harm’s way, and make a Smokies vacation out of it.

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