Learn to Ski at Ober Gatlinburg

January does not have to be dreary. They talk about a post-holiday letdown. I say, "Embrace the horror!" Take the bull by the horns. You don't like the cold? Bundle up and take a 10-min walk after lunch, when the sun is out and the temperature is at its highest. You don't like the snow? Get out and play in the snow; ski, snowboard, build a snowman, shovel some snow for fun. It's mind over matter.
Ideally, you go to Gatlinburg for a vacation Gatlinburg promises you will never forget. For instance, January is learn-to-ski month. Ober Gatlinburg runs some special packages this time of year, like the one where you pay only $160 for four vouchers you can use any day of the week. The vouchers include ski and helmet rental and tramway rides. 
This is your winter. Your fun. Your choice. 

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