Log Cabins in Gatlinburg

Some people cannot imagine a mountain getaway without staying in a log cabin. As one of the most visited mountain resorts in the nation, Gatlinburg has got plenty of log cabins to choose from. From the tiny one bedroom honeymooning cabins to the mega-cabins that can sleep 50 guests or more, everybody can find what they want and what they like.

Most cabins are found in a cluster of cabins but some are secluded. Yet others can be categorized as somewhere in between: within city limits and surrounded by permanent residences. Gatlinburg cabin resorts can be so pretty to behold. The warm look of the wood alone is enough to help your mind and body relax and get into “vacation mode.”

You can find several cabin resorts in Gatlinburg. Even if your cabin does not have a view, once you start driving and hiking in the National Park, you will get your fill of vistas. Our tip to booking cabins is this: focus on amenities and comfort. Then, go get your view by hiking the trails in the Smokies.

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