Looking Forward to Warmer Weather

It snowed yesterday in Gatlinburg in Tennessee, hopefully for the last time this year. After all, it is almost tax day, i.e. April 15, and we woke up with snow on the ground and on the still bare branches of the trees. It was winter wonderland for two more hours, until the temperatures rose from 24 F to 44 F just like that. By the end of the week, it will be 75 F - summer.

For the sake of our vegetation which has budded and flowered already, these dramatic temperature shifts need to stop. Gatlinburg hotels TN have had to cover some of their flower beds in anticipation of the frost and below freezing temperatures predicted for today. 

From the city, you can still see lots of snow on the mountains in the distance. It's pretty, no doubt about it, but we are all ready for warm weather. 

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