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The Smoky Mountains at twilight
There may be some new hotels in Gatlinburg TN but most still prefer the experienced hospitality they receive at Zoders. Zoders Gatlinburg reviews testify to that effect. As a Smoky Mountains hotel, Zoders Inn Gatlinburg Tennessee will feature the opportunity to sit on a balcony overlooking a rushing river. Bears may stroll by and ducks frolick in the water. Please be aware that black bears are wild animals, not teddybears. If you come face to face with a black bear, raise your arms over your head, make a lot of noise, and keep your posture facing the bear. Black bears tend to walk away from people who make noise and do not act like prey. Also, please know that garbage kills bears. Dispose of your trash in special bear-proof garbage bins and definitely do not feed the bears.  

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