Obey STOP Signs Or Pay

Stop sign
When you drive through Gatlinburg, you should pay attention to the STOP signs. You should pay attention to stop signs anywhere you drive, for that matter. But in our tourist town, we have seen way too many tourists ignore STOP signs, especially on the secondary roads of our city. 
It's not just dangerous for them, it endangers other motorists. Also, fair warning, our police force will give you a ticket for not stopping at a STOP sign. Even if nobody is coming from the opposite direction. Even if you are in a hurry to get to a restroom (a friend told me she experienced this and actually told the cop about her urgent need). No excuse is good enough for our cops. If they don't hold everybody accountable, there will be chaos in an already crowded tourist town.
Some of you who book a cabin through Gatlinburg Falls Resort might be tempted to either go over the speed limit or ignore the STOP signs along the Cartertown By-pass. Don't do it. Most days, I see a police car waiting on the side of the road there. Most hotels Gatlinburg TN boasts lie on the main Parkway. If you book a room with a Gatlinburg hotel, be very careful to give pedestrians the right-of-way as you try to hurry and get into your parking lot.

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