Pleasant Summer Heat

Babbling stream in the forest

If you are complaining about heat, you should talk to a Canadian friend who has been shivering for nine months and counting. They are still waiting for spring up in Ontario. You can really improve your quality of life simply by changing your perspective.

Besides, June temperatures in Gatlinburg, Tennessee average around 83F, which, you must admit, is a lot more pleasant than 93F. We may be in the South, but it is not the deep South. The mountains add their cooling effect, too.

Refresh yourself at a Smoky Mountain hotel by a stream of water during your vacation in Gatlinburg. Try Zoder’s Inn and Suites – – your home away from home, as we like to call it.

If you also wanted less crowds than in July, then find your way here in June. While the town is busy, it is not as busy. There are degrees of traffic jams even in a small mountain resort.

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