Snow on the Mountains

snow covered smokey mountains and rushing river

The Smokies look like a postcard, covered as they are with snow. As you drive from Sevierville to Pigeon Forge and then into Gatlinburg, the majesty and beauty of white-capped mountains transports you into vacation mode. Take a deep breath. Then, take another one. You have arrived.

Sure, there are many hotels near Gatlinburg TN but we invite you to stay in Gatlinburg itself. Zoder's Inn and Suites has been a Gatlinburg TN hotel since the 30s. Four Zoder generations ago, before there was a National Park, the land around the river was purchased by a couple who had moved here from Louisiana. Over the years, they built a clientele which feels more like a family away from home.

In Gatlinburg, it's not just just about mountains and shops, restaurants and attractions. It's also lots of hotels Gatlinburg TN has to offer. And when you are confronted with all these choices, of course you want to understand the difference – beyond price.

Mountains? Check. Snow? Check. Rushing stream? Check. Fireplace? Cookies and milk? Gatlinburg resort atmosphere? Check. Check. Check. Zoder's Inn and Suites reservation? Check!