Sugarlands' Sweet Sounds

Brass brewery tanks

Gatlinburg’s own Sugarlands Distilling Company, a distinguished producer of craft whiskey and moonshine, regularly hosts a slew of regional folk and bluegrass musicians you won't want to miss: 

September 17th @ 7:00pm

Sam Morrow, though a resident of Los Angeles, CA, finds himself drawn to the alternative country scene. This events is also featuring Benjamin Jacob Rupe.

September 23 @ 7:00pm

B.B. Palmer blurs the line the between bluegrass and classic rock, describing his music as a cross between traditional country and honky tonk.

September 24 @ 7:00pm

Locust Honey has a solid understanding of old-school blues, which influences their arrangements of American Southeast tunes.

September 25 @ 7:00pm

The Corn Potato String Band has come of age in the American traditional music scene, with perfect mastery of the fiddle and banjo.

September 26 @ 7:00pm

Deeply rooted in the last century’s musical repertoire The Americans have earned high praise from none other than Pitchfork Magazine.

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