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Take The Scenic Route In Gatlinburg

Driving through Gatlinburg on the main road is fun, but sometimes you may want an alternative route. That street is called River Road and it starts at the Aquarium. It dead ends into the road that takes you to the Park. As you slowly drive on, hotels River Road Gatlinburg TN boasts beckon on the left and on the right. This may be what you want, in fact – no balcony overlooking the busy roads of Gatlinburg. You may want a balcony overlooking a peaceful mountain stream. After all, ducks are fun to watch.

Some of the most romantic hotels Gatlinburg TN has are found on River Road. In the interest of full disclosure, you must know there are also a lot of parking lots on River Road. If you have never been to Gatlinburg, you should know this. The traffic gets jammed up on River Road just as much as on the Parkway at times. So plan accordingly. Don’t stress. Leave earlier.

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