Tax Season Is Finally Over

Tax Day2018 falls on April 17 - you get two extra days before filing deadline. For many of us, that deadline does not really matter, because we diligently file just as soon as the clock strikes midnight on December 31, right? OK, so I am exaggerating, but I do know lots of people who file their taxes in January and already have their checks in their hands by February. 

If you are more of a turtle when it comes to filing taxes, and you are still scrambling for paperwork and receipts and an envelope and stamp, you have 24 more hours. Then, there is no grace period.

Whew! Another fiscal year is over. Now you can celebrate with a trip to the mountains, right? Zoder's Inn and Suites is a resort in Gatlinburg where you can get free breakfast, milk and cookies in the evening, as well as wine and cheese. 

There is a river running through the property and your balcony could be right on the river so you can hear the soothing creek as you drift off to sleep at night. Repeat after me, "no more taxes...I'm done for the year..."

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