Thanksgiving in Gatlinburg

Is there life after such a contentious, demoralizing election season? Yes, there is. Our Gatlinburg Tennessee news is that the mountains are still here, albeit drier and smokier than ever. The town is still here and the locals go to work every day, making vacations memorable for fellow Americans.

Many like spending Thanksgiving in the mountains and hotels at Gatlinburg TN are teaming with guests around this time of the year.

In addition to its regular rooms and suites, Zoders Inn Gatlinburg Tennessee will soon offer a recently remodeled cabin. Located directly behind the back gate, this two-bedroom cabin with a large balcony overlooking the river will wow you with its luxurious bathrooms, log furniture and décor.

Especially if you feel drained after Election Night, you should look for some R&R in the mountains. The temperatures still rise to 69F during the day and we have not seen frost yet at night.