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The Weather Outside Is Frightful

For your winter vacations Gatlinburg seems like the obvious choice when you live in southeastern United States. The wintry weather can pose some challenges for drivers, so you should put safety first. Once, I was snowed in waking up after a weekend in Gatlinburg. My work was two hours away and I called to let them know I will be late. My boss said that being snowed in is a status symbol. He was a funny, funny man.

Rather be late for work or home responsibilities than risk being on the road with other motorists who do not know how to drive in snow. You may know how to, but a lot of people do not have experience on the white stuff. We know your work is important, but everything can wait.

Black bears should have gone to their dens for the winter, but you never know. Some of them are still roaming around Gatlinburg, looking for that last morsel to top themselves off before snoozing for three months. Again, put safety first. Do not approach bears. Do not feed them and definitely do not push your kids closer to the bears as you ready the camera to take the perfect picture. Yes, we have seen tourists do that.

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