Total Solar Eclipse

Gatlinburg experienced a near totality during the solar eclipse of August 21, 2017. When astronomers tell you your city is nearly 100% in the path of totality, it does not make sense to go anywhere. So many Gatlinburg residents stayed in their backyard and watched the sun and the moon dance that afternoon. Of course, locals were joined by a lot of tourists for the event. We saw cars from Maine, Texas, Connecticut, Wisconsin and everything in between.

I don't think there was one Gatlinburg resort or one Gatlinburg TN hotel with a vacancy left on the market. In fact, many hotels near Smoky Mountains were at capacity because parts of the National Park were in the path of totality. The event, was, as expected, fenomenal. It did not disappoint. Now we have something to tell our grandchildren when it is their turn to watch another solar eclipse.

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