Zoders Inn in Gatlinburg TN has been around for more than seven decades. Before there was a National Park, Wallace and Dorotha Zoder moved to Gatlinburg from Louisiana so that Wallace could accept a position with the CCC, a.k.a. Civilian Conservation Corps. An engineer by trade, Wallace Zoder designed the roads through the park-to-be, along others.

As tourism boomed, the Zoders decided to buy some land next to the Roaring Fork River and rent out cottages. The rest is history. Very few hotels around Gatlinburg TN can boast such a family tradition in hospitality.

The third generation Zoders running the hotel are proud to refer to it as one of the resorts Gatlinburg has to offer. Over time, careful maintenance has been applied to the buildings. History and modern convenience blend nicely in this resort in Gatlinburg.

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