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We Gather Together

Freshly made cornbread

Do you remember that old hymn, “We Gather Together?” With its Dutch origin, it certainly takes us back to the First Thanksgiving and the pilgrims who came over from Holland (though originally from England). The hymn was composed in 1597 – can you believe it? That was a long time ago. So glad somebody preserved it for us to enjoy 500 years later and counting.

The Pilgrims arrived in the New World in 1620 and so they were contemporaries with this song. As hard as it is for us to imagine, these people faced terrible hardships to get to the other side of the Atlantic in order to worship according to their convictions. For their sacrifice, we are thankful.

If you celebrate Thanksgiving with family and/or friends in Gatlinburg this year, just know that the traffic on Black Friday beats any other traffic you have ever experienced in the Smokies. Better stay put at your hotel and shop online. If you stay in one of the hotels River Road Gatlinburg TN offers, you will have a hard time getting in and out of the parking garages. Just sayin’.

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