What Is In Gatlinburg, TN

Exterior of rooms

When I moved from Oregon to Tennessee, a friend told me I should go visit Gatlinburg. I asked her, “What is in Gatlinburg TN?” Once she told me Gatlinburg was among the best places to stay around the Smoky Mountains, I had an interest. My next question was, this time to Google Maps, “Where is Gatlinburg in Tennessee?”

So I came here with two other friends on a Sunday, just to look around. We did not have time to hike, but we spent the day walking around Gatlinburg hotels on the main strip. The official name of the main street in Gatlinburg is Parkway, by the way. That was when I realized all the vacations Gatlinburg can offer to families and all the things to do in Gatlinburg.

We also saw some Gatlinburg cabin resorts, but decided that, when we returned to stay the night, we would prefer a hotel where we would get free continental breakfast and milk and cookies in the evening, like Zoders Inn, for instance.