What's left after the wildfires? More than you think.

What is in Gatlinburg Tennessee after the wildfires? A lot more than you might think. The downtown is intact and so are most hotels and cabins. Yes, a lot of devastation happened, but the town is here and most of the structures stand proudly.

FEMA actually posted videos of driving through Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge in December, to give folks a clear picture that the towns still stood. It was very confusing for people to watch the fires on TV. They showed so much dramatic footage of cabins and businesses burning, it was easy to think there was nothing left.

But there is plenty left and most Gatlinburg hotels TN stand ready for guests just as they always have. We want to thank all our friends who have called to check on us after the fire. Most people understood that TV stations focused on what was burning and not so much on what was still there.

“What was actually burning?” was a question that one of our friends from Knoxville posed over the phone one evening when he was checking on us. The answer was, mostly cabins and personal residences, as unfortunate as that sounds. The downtown area has suffered very little damage.

This was a fire for the history books, a national disaster, and the devastation will take some time to clean up. But Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge are open for business and the Parkway strip is intact in both.