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Winter or Wimper?

The Smoky Mountains at twilight

This winter has not exactly done much to earn its name. We had some snow in November, which disrupted certain gatherings, but nothing else. Children in Gatlinburg in Tennessee are longing for snow. They are taunting winter by calling it wimper.

Zoder's Inn takes advantage of the warm temperatures to forge ahead in our remodeling efforts. The tower suites are coming along nicely. So are the flower beds.

As we finished January, we stopped looking backwards and forwards simultaneously, like Jannus, the Roman god with two faces. He was, if you remember, the god of beginnings and of endings, of transitions and of duality, of gates and passages. Now, we only look forward.

The transition into 2020 seems complete. February has begun – a long February, with 29 days. It is a special year with 366 days and we only get to celebrate it again in 2024. Make it a good one – come to the mountains.

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