Zoder's Inn and Suites Receives Award

Once again, Zoder's Inn staff show creativity and flair in fall decorations. The Chamber of Commerce awarded Zoder's Inn & Suites Gatlinburg the first place in its category. Among all the romantic hotels Gatlinburg TN, Zoder's Inn and Suites Gatlinburg has a special appeal because of the mountain stream that runs through its property.
This river is called Roaring Fork and it can really be roaring loud and clear after a good rain in the mountains. A perennial favorite with our guests, the Roaring Fork is home to wild ducks and fish. Bears come to fish in it, too. Squirrels hop on the big boulders in search of acorns fallen from nearby oak trees. When you have this wonderful nature on your property, you feel compelled to decorate for fall and celebrate the seasons properly, something that is not lost on tourism experts. We are proud of our staff for this another accomplishment.