Zoder's Inn Facebook Page

In case you have not seen our Facebook page yet, we invite you to go there and click Like so that you may receive our updates in your NewsFeed. Zoders Inn is the name of the page. Our intrepid Marketing Director posts videos of things happening around the property, as well as contests and other fun things. You could win a stay at Zoders Inn and Suites if you come up with a brilliant name for our newest cabin, for instance. Or check out the latest video of a black bear cub – taken by one of our guests.

As usual, we advise you to stay at a safe distance and not bother the black bears, should you ever run into them on property. Do not feed the bears, as this endangers their lives. Black bears represent one of Top 10 Gatlinburg Tennessee attractions but we need to remind guests of bear etiquette on a regular basis.

With the new coaster next door, there have been videos to show how fun the ride could be, even taken slowly. Also, we have posted videos of our beautiful mountain stream and the quiet atmosphere of our property. Some people love to watch and share these videos simply because they are relaxing.

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